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Behind The Tracks: Days To Come - Ashes (Single) (2020)

Justin: Lyrically, Ashes is about leaving the negative behind and moving forward. Ashes symbolizes the death of something and the birth of something else. This concept really fascinates me and I’m glad this song is released to the world. I hope whoever needs to hear it does and they are encouraged through whatever negative situation they’re going through.

Brandon: Musically, Ashes hits on a lot of things I really enjoy. The guitars are busy, but well placed. I’m a big fan of complex chords and odd time signatures and I like how we were able to include a sneaky odd time signature in the second verse.

Jalen: The response from our fans has been so great. I’m so thankful they’ve been enjoying this song. It’s so much fun to play live and I can’t wait to get back out on the road and perform it.

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