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Track By Tracks: Black Pestilence - Hail The Flesh (2020)

1. Hail the Flesh:

This song was originally written for our previous album, “Urban Hell Rhythmics”. Ultimately, it was never recorded during those sessions and was carried over to this album. It is a straight forward, punk-influenced song. Lyrically, it covers a general overview of the concept of sonic indulgence.

2. Spurn All Gods:

This was selected as the first single for the album which also features a music video. It is a classic mixture of black metal and punk rock that Black Pestilence has become known for. The song talks about the hypocrisy of the theistic mindset.

3. Hellfire:

“Hellfire” is a fast and groovy song which emphasizes lust and the indulgence of the flesh. It is also a band favourite.

4. True to the Dark:

“True to the Dark” is another fast thrash/punk song which utilizes layered and receptive vocals during the chorus. We have always enjoyed catchy choruses with “chant along” lyrics. Additionally, this song also features a bass interlude during the bridge.

5. Cloven Division:

This song is a pure blast beat driven song with no thrash or punk elements. It features a number of noise samples. The noise samples were created by feedback loops with a number of guitar pedals and then were altered in post production.

6. Godless:

“Godless” is about the hypocrisy within the Judaeo-Christian dogma. It focuses on how the followers of this generally hide behind their beliefs in order to justify their own dishonesties.

7. Frauds to the Throne:

This song is a black ’n’ roll style of song with lyrics focusing on the now very popular, Satanic Temple. The Satanic Temple is a political activist group and is nothing more than that. It is not a true representation of individualistic and humanistic Satanic philosophy.

8. My Will to Power:

“My Will to Power” is also another band favourite. The ascending chorus line makes this song very infectious and has proven to also be a fan favourite when played live. The mosh breakouts immediately once the first note hits.

9. Ephemeral:

This song is the first and only song not written by Valax. It was written by guitarist, Daniel Toews and is sonically different from the rest of the album. It was also the most challenging song to write lyrics over due to the busy nature of the guitar and bass.

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