Track By Tracks: Ifreann - Desecration (2020) - Breathing The Core


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jueves, 5 de marzo de 2020

Track By Tracks: Ifreann - Desecration (2020)

1. Of Blade & Blackened Wing: 

The opening track to Desecration was the latest of the three tracks that Ifreann worked on with former guitarist Andrew Muller. This one created immediate excitement among the band as we all loved its blend of crushed riffs with epic melodies and felt that it defined the sound we wanted to encapsulate. The lyrics were written by our vocalist Ian with a little help from our drummer Euan, and talk about the God of Death in Japanese folklore and mythology. The accelerando drum fill outro was heavily inspired by Judas Priest's 'Painkiller'. When we were recording the EP, we all unanimously agreed that this song should have a music video. 

2. Raised In Hate:

This song, again was written by Ifreann with our former guitarist, Andrew, and immediately became a favourite for its catchiness and that its a nice change of pace in the setlist. This song features cool polyrhythms on the drums that "felt very natural" with the structure, drummer Euan comments. Lyrically, this song deals with the topic of children raised in hateful households, where negative emotions and harmful views are all said child knows, which can be difficult to break out of in adulthood. This song is now a live favourite due to the conception of our famous "dance pit", where our bassist Jacob will instruct all the moshers in the middle to have a jolly jig instead of a circle pit. 

3. Messiah:

The newest song written for this EP, and the only one to have no involvement from ex-members. The original riff ideas were coined by drummer Euan and then worked on by current guitarist Ben to create what we feel is the most technical song we've written so far. Guitar wise this song might be nothing too over the top but with the drums, "I really pushed myself with this one, and my endurance is tested every time we play it live", Euan comments. Lyrically speaking, this song is about money and its undeniable influence over modern life, and how money can negate crime, ruin lives & win wars.  

4. Crushed By Tyranny: 

The oldest song on the EP, crushed dates back to 2017, and was first played live before our previous EP 'Unearthly' was even released. This song has a very interesting structure. The first half sounds like a very common 'ABABC' structured metal song, but then at the halfway mark just before where the second chorus should be, the song breaks down and then turns into something completely different, and instrumental flurry of riffs and grooves. The lyrics for this song are some of the first ever written for the band, potentially as old as 2015, and deal with classic thrash topics such has corruption and revolution. 

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