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Track By Tracks: Thy Despair - The Song Of Desolation (2020)

1. The Free One:

The song tells us that none has the right to take your freedom and the ones who endeavor should be fighting back.

2. Sabbath:

The story of a curious one, snooping around the Sabbath. His curiosity led him to be immolated.

3. Fear and Despair:

The story of an ancient wizard searching for secrets of immortality. His fidelity to black magic turned him to a vampire who spreading fear and despair over surrounding villages.

4. Burned by Love:

A love story of a mortal girl and immortal demon. Daylight would kill the demon but he chooses death in return for a single moment taking his beloved in arms in a sunrise.

5. Last Breath:

The story of a man chasing his beloved as a ghost after suicide, because she rejected him. And the girl falls in love with the ghost.

6. War:

The story of Ukrainian Cossacks fighting for their land. 

7. Army of Dead:

Princess is in despair as her beloved knight fell in battle. She asks a magician if he could do something. The magician turns out to be a powerful necromancer and he rises all the fallen warriors into flesh-craving zombies. 

8. Falling Star:

Don’t allow despair to fulfill your heart. Watch the falling star, make a wish and it will come true.

9. Ghost Rider:

The story of night warrior on hell-born motorcycle who gathers the souls of sinners in the name of Satan.

10. Falcon:

This song is full of allegories and it tells about falcon bird, considered to be the symbol of Ukrainian lands since ancient times of Kyiv Rus.

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