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Track By Tracks: Tzimani - Tzimani (2020)

1. Shift:

Just about every great album or EP has a strong introduction, and Eddie has always wanted to include the “revving” guitar sound created by using the whammy bar somewhere in one of our releases. Since the opening track is Overdrive, why not give it some substance of creating the atmosphere and experience of literally hearing a car rev its engine!

2. Overdrive:

We like to call this our speed metal riff infused with toe-tapping and unforgettable hooks song. Funnily enough, the inspiration for this song was from a real-life, white knuckle experience Eddie had with Sebastian at the helm of the wheel en route to a show. Sebastian was speeding down a windy, back road highway, running late to catch a show on time. Eddie jokingly said once we had arrived that he was going to make a song about it one day and the lyrics, and music of Overdrive was inspired by this one experience.

3. Locomotive:

This is probably one of our oldest songs we have in our repertoire and was actually recorded and performed often in our older band too. We decided to rerecord this song and release it under the Tzimani name because it was such a fun song to perform and one of the first songs Eddie ever wrote. It encompasses the blues-inspired side of the band, and Locomotive is certainly a song that one can relate with as we all have had moments in our life where you either experienced a physical altercation with somebody or you were very close too.

4. Final Hour:

Eddie explored the concept of megalomania and tyranny with this song, certainly drawing inspiration from the ancient Egyptian empires. At one stage in human history, almost one person or family virtually owned all the wealth in a particular society and was constantly at odds with its people, or other countries and empires, and the idea of juggling controlling an entire population while trying to remain as an active and breathing civilization fending off others certainly creates the conditions for one to enter a maniacal frame of mind. These people in history had to battle their legacy too, as the name had to live on as well.

5. We Are The Ones:

This is arguably the most popular song of our live set, and with the combination of AOR and speed metal with this one coupled with feel-good motivating lyrics it is our no brainer live staple, full of a flurry of licks, riffage, and vocal melody that you’ll never forget. The lyrics draw inspiration from the existential dread and issues one can face while moving through the passage of time, and yearning for existence, legacy, and knowledge. The world moves so fast nowadays and we get bombarded with so much stuff and a lot of too comes from cultural norms on how to live your life and it's really up to you on how to determine where you will go and ultimately how you will spend your time living. 

6. Get Me Out of Here:

I think we can all relate to having to deal with someone or something, or being in a relationship that you just need to move away from immediately. That was the approach of this song and the concept behind it. What better more to write a traditional, glam rock sounding, riff-driven tune expresses those feelings and ideas.

7. Carry On:

The original track “Carry On” was written before we came on the scene and is about dealing with loss and departure in various ways and learning to move on. The song is heavier in terms of its lyrical content than most of our other songs, but we feel it deals with an issue everyone is faced with and how we must learn to cope, heal and carry on with our lives when tragedy strikes.

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