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Behind The Artworks: THE OGRE - Entity (2020)

When you have someone like me that does everything in the band from song writing to the artwork, everything comes together pretty easy, usually I take up to a year writing the album and as I think about the songs how it should sound, what I should use, what theme the lyric to each song should have, I have a visual representation of the world I´m creating. Sometimes I sit down and in a couple of hours I have a finished artwork, other times it takes a week, I take my time to get exactly where I want to go, musicwise and visually.

For Entity I took about a week, I already had the idea of how it should look from the start of the song writing process, quite different from the previous one (Dead In The Water) where I had an idea and I changed everything later on.

I wanted to take these horror stories and compile everything into a remote place, something forgotten and abandoned but still active. I imagined something like the movie Evil Dead with a haunted house of some sort in the woods.

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