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Behind The Artworks: Omniarch - Omniarch (2020)

The album cover concept was floating around in my head since we decided on the band name "Omniarch". I imagined who the Omniarch would be, and what it would look like. I pictured a giant titan capable of ripping through the cosmos, hunting for worlds to destroy... a sort of ancient, decaying skeletal beast with glorious armor fit for a god.

I knew before I started sketching that I wanted to use a spacey colour palette and was going to break out of the box of safe "heavy metal colours". If I told people I was going to make the cover turquoise, purple, pink, and gold, most people would have laughed me out of the room... but here we are! I think the colour is one of the most eye-catching things about it... something fresh for the eyes of the metal community!

I did the entire digital painting from sketch to final art using Manga Studio, and Photoshop for the final touches. I went through lots of sketches before I decided on the general design of the Omniarch... I came to the conclusion that I would want people to have more questions than answers to add to the Omniarch's mystique. I was going to have the Omniarch in space, with multiple arms holding or doing different things pertaining to the songs on the album. Does the Omniarch actually have 6 arms or does he just have 2 arms doing multiple things at the same time in different dimensions or realities? The viewer can decide that on their own!

He is appearing in a glowing wormhole holding a sextant, which suggests his method of travel through time and space. He appears to be doing some sort of cosmic magic ritual while his eyes are bursting with nebula. Is he creating the universe while simultaneously destroying it? There are also some easter eggs in there but I'll leave those to the viewer to discover.

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