Behind The Track: Ashes To Omens - Another Brick In The Wall (Single) (2020)

The idea of re-imagining Another Brick in the Wall wasn't something we went into lightly. David (the lead guitarist) and I were talking on the phone one afternoon last year about the way the world was going politically and the reactions of the youth and how they were responding. He had said that almost like history was repeating itself over and over again. At the time, Pink Floyds version of the song came on in the background and he could hear it through the phone and we both got real quiet. It just hit us on a different level and I told him that we should take a look at it and see if we can find a way to bring to today's youth. The message that the song sends is going to stand the test of time. We brought it up to the guys and kind of explained our vision for the song and how we wanted it to come together. the way the lyrics describe an attitude and a response to things and almost an aggressive call to action. I think we ended up working on it for around 4 months before we played it at a benefit concert, but when we did the audience absolutely loved it. We felt like it would be a great track to add to the album and the rest is history!

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