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Behind The Tracks: Sunny State - Human (Single) (2020)

An interesting thing about “Human” is that Sunny State never expected to release it as a single.

In fact, it was originally written as a journal entry by lead singer, Chris Reed. One day, while sitting in his car jamming on his ukulele named, Le-le, shedding his stress, he stumbled upon a fitting melody with the unedited lyrics.

To add to this unlikely hit, a few months later, “Human” was recorded by accident.

The day, Chris and Julian (lead guitarist), went into Redwall Studios (Fremont, CA), the engineer was locked out of their other session. Margaritas out of lemons, they grabbed Le-le, a guitar and bongos, and began recording “Human”.

“It all fell together very organically, from the guitar lines to the beats. And there was something about the song that was really resonating with the whole band.” But, still, Sunny State never planned on the song appearing anywhere other than on their upcoming debut record.

“With the current pandemic, and the amount of self reflection we're all experiencing, we made the decision to release “Human” because we believe the raw lyrical content will resonate with others all experiencing this very unique period in our history.”

“Human” is full of heart, honesty and doubt. This song finds a way for us all to connect and be uplifted by the mere remembrance that we’re all in this together. “Self-reflection doesn’t have to be lonely. I hope we can use this as an experience to unify and reconnect to each other as humans.”

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