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Track By Tracks: NO SUCH SEASON - U.A.F. (2020)

No Such Season (our take on our songs):

How our band sounds to us: Sludgy, Grungy, FUN. Type of music that you and your friend use to play in the garage – and give out tapes/cds in front of your local record store. Our band sounds to us like the bands we use to listen to (and still do) that spelled out Seattle for the world audience (Nirvana, Gruntruck, Melvins) mixed with a fresh take on riffs, vocals and creating an ambient for a rock party. We really enjoy this sound, so we decided to bring it back. We play the music that you didn’t know you were missing in your life. Most of our lyrics are inspired by the human condition. And everyone is free to have their own interpretation. (We hope) that the messages are relatable, the tunes are catchy and you like to sing along. The general theme is “we are all in the same boat, don’t worry”, “things will be ok’ and “don’t be a dick”. We aim to spread cheer while rocking out really really heard.

Track by Track:

Sando’s Bad JuJu The story behind the name is too weird to even try to explain, so we won’t. But the general feeling you get from listening to this one is what you could imagine would happen if Suicidal Tendencies met the Accused to melt your mind for a minute. Punk, Aggressive, Fun.

1. Soiree (Party):

As the name suggest, this is the type of song you would play to your friend’s house party, and you will see the people that “don’t like rock” nodding their heads to the beat. Groovy, Edgy, Fun.

2. Snake In the Grass:

Snake in the grass was the child that was named before it was born, which means we named it because we loved the slithering of the riff through the whole song. Later our singer added some lyrics to match. And match they did.

3. Urban Death Groove:

If you choose to listen to only one track, we recommend this one. Urban Death Groove can in one song give a taste on who we are, and what we are trying to give to our audience: Great headbanging, mandatory singalong and much needed fun.

4. Down river:

The longest feature on this album, at whooping 3:45 minutes. Easy listen, groovy and did we mention? Fun

5. 0300:

This track has it all, conspiracy, rhythm, fun flow, aliens, sick bass line… We couldn’t ask for more. Named for the hour at which the aliens come for abductions. It is what it is. We want to believe.

6. Helmet:

A nod to one of our favorite bands, it is one of our first tracks as a band and is throwback to our earliest influences as musicians. Melodic, catchy, you know (fun).

7. Giants:

Giants is the type of track you listen to twice, once for the lyrics, a second time for the music before you can really be sure what’s going on. And before you know it, it becomes your favorite track. We love playing that one live because it is so much fun to play.

8. Sando’s Revenge:

This is the antidote to Sando, or Sando’s Revenge. Not as fast, but hitting twice as hard. Muddy, Sludgy, you could say filthy. Oh, and Fun.

9. 4th seal:

A song that is an ode to the 90s, a true Seattle rainy day vibe. No explanation needed; it really speaks for itself – just give it a listen. (wink at Melvins, Nirvana and Gruntruck)

10. Paradiddle:

Paradiddle is best enjoyed live, but I guess our recording will do. come for the sharp guitar and stay for the sick drums. Balls to the wall rhythm, melody and catchiness. Tons and tons and tons of fun.

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