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Track By Tracks: THE OGRE - Entity (2020)

1. Macabre Hooded Specter was the first song I wrote for this album, its something like a kid´s scary story on steroids. I changed around the lyrics and theme to go into a darker road of tension of a shadow-being (also known as shadow-people) rising from the grave to torment someone and finally lead to possession.

2. Room Of Broken Mirrors is an interlude that I like to place in the album for an extra twist, something like a calm before the storm kind of thing. I like to explore these simple acoustic melodies with a cool theme to it. It was inspired by a story that I read somewhere that there was a room in Aleister Crowley´s house filled with mirrors and that no one should ever enter alone.

3. Violent Poltergeist Manifestation is a pretty straight forward in-your-face song dealing with a house infested with ghosts and darker things causing unexplainable phenomena. One of the books that inspired this song claimed to be a real haunting documented by several people. I had nightmares for a couple of days after reading the book. True or not, it´s a cool story.

4. Nightrider is a song I had the riffs for quite a long time that I really felt had the post-apocalyptic feel of to it of dirt, oil and mayhem. Something very present in the original Mad Max movie that I´m a big fan.

5. Portals is a weird one, I had an idea that would return every now and then about a cult attempting a ritual of becoming immortal by turning themselves into fire as they pass a portal that leads directly into the sun.

6. Phantasmagoria was also made from an old riff that I kept for a long time that I felt eventually it could turn into a very special song. One of my favorites for sure on this one, about how it came together, recording a piece here, adding something there and also the lyrics fit perfect, talking about the supernatural, life, death and things caught in the between. It was really fun to write and I´m really proud of it. 

7. Vermin is an experimental song that I really wanted to make something heavy, slow and gross if that makes any sense at all. The lyrics walk together with the sound of a rotting corpse from a murder hidden in the woods but comparing nature being totally emotionless and devouring it to our own human behavior.

8. Solaris, a tale of a cosmonaut in a mission to explore space, find answers, even if it means sacrifice.

9. Beneath The Rain deals with depression, loss, loneliness and questioning of one’s self existence.

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