Track By Tracks: Paradise - Paradise (2020) - Breathing The Core


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martes, 28 de abril de 2020

Track By Tracks: Paradise - Paradise (2020)

1. Straight from Hell:

First of all, I think that like any type of art, song lyrics are a matter of personal perception, so we will let the listener make their own sense of the meanings behind the songs. So to kick off an album you wanna start with a bang, and we thought that this track gave a good idea of what we’re made of. It’s also the first single and official video for this record.

2. Hitting on all sixes:

A pedal to the metal octane infused rock and roll kind of track, the type of song that will get you speeding tickets if you listen to it while driving, even if you drive a shitbox.

3. Who do you wanna be:

In this track, you can really hear one of Frank’s influences i.e. Billy Gibbons. The main riff in the verses being so laid back and dirty, it really sets a different mood, and turns it down a notch before going into the next track…

4. One of a kind:

Our most stoner oriented song, heavy riff, phasers, and delays, but we couldn’t help ourselves but ramp up the middle eight! We love the stoner genre, but can’t actually stick with it for more than 3 minutes.

5. Never cry again:

Here we are, mid-album, flirting with 80’s power metal.

6. Lowdown and shaking:

A laid back heavy riff with a catchy chorus and epic guitar solos

7. Barn Burner:

Square on the one drum beat, as if you want to break the kit, while the hottest girl you’ve ever seen walks in and blows your… mind

8. Long Gone:

On this one, we’re getting the fuck out of there. Until then we’ll be long gone.

9. Away from you:

Have you ever been in a crazy relationship you needed to get out of? If so, you will probably be able to relate to this one. All wrapped up in an early GNR kind of feel.

10. Fee in exile:

A song for all of us outcasts, oddballs, weirdos and freaks that just don’t care what the rest of the herd may think or say.

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