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Band Biographies: Terrifying Parasites

The Idea to play Death Metal was born in 2018 between Riccardo and Me (Flo). We wanted to play Music together and Old School Death Metal was our intersection in Music. Riccardos roots are Punk and Hard Rock and mine are Metal and especially Extreme Metal. After some difficulties, like looking for a drummer and a rehearsal room, we first found our Drummer Steffen and because he had an other Band and we could share the room with those guys. We had the first rehearsal in May 2019 without a Bass player and it results in our first Songs, one of them is Worshipping, wich also is on our Demo. Some month later, Robert (Bass) joined us, becaus he looked for a new musical challenge. At this point we were able, to make music as a complete Band.

We wrote a couple of more Songs, to have enough songs, to have a complete live set. In November 2019 we played our first live gig in a private location with about 50 to 100 people.

In 2020 we planned a couple of shows, wich have to be postboned, because of the „Corona“ Virus. Because of this, we focused us on the record of our Demo „Human Disease“ and released it in April 2020. And now we are doing some promo stuff and allmost, we prepare us for the delayed shows. One of them is on the 4th September in Berlin and one is on the 18th and 20th September on the Godless Mountain in Commerau.

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