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Behind The Tracks: Shapeless In Veins - Hope You´re Happy (Single) (2020)

Pierpaolo (Guitarist): When Jaco (rhythm guitar and voice) made me hear the first few chords, I immediately felt the song like a part of me. Shapeless have one thing in common, we are all a bit melancholy and this song is the proof. At the beginning there were some problems with the leads, getting the song started after the intro was the most difficult part, we opted for a pop motif and then the explosion with a melodic picking tremolo. when I heard it for the first time recorded on the phone during rehearsals, I knew that we were on the right track. I remember that I was sitting on a wooden stool in our drummer's rehearsal room and I was hearing the chorus melody inside of me, I think that sometimes you just need to know how to listen inside yourself to do your best. Our producer understood us, understood the importance of music and words. He worked with us on the various synths and he was fantastic, it's very nice to work with someone who understand you. A message on WhatsApp said that the song was finished and we immediately went to listen to our song; Chills. Tears.

Eliano (Scream Vocals): When Jaco start playing the first chords at the rehearsal room I immediately thought it was really good stuff. For me, "Hope ur Happy" it's the beginning for something new, something that can make us great, because we worked really hard to make this song and improve ourselves. We're trying to make something more than a song, we're trying to get people who hear to our music know about What we are really experiencing in our lives, not only with words, but with music too. We hope that the message will come out loud and clear to all of you. Love! Eli🥀

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