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Track By Tracks: Anno Mundi - Land Of Legends (2020)

1. Twisted World's End:

A gothic ballad, with some 80s-Sabbath influences. Inpired by the eponymous book of M. Corona about a presumable future world whithout electric energy. 

2. Hyperborea:

The most '70s Prog influenced track of the album. It talks about the fantasy world of Hyperborea, where material wealth corrupted the development of the spirit, causing the final catastrophe.

3. Dark Energy:

Dreamy, acoustic, cosmic ballad, dedicated to the presence in the universe, as well as in the human soul, of the dark side, to balance the celestial energies 

4. Hyperway To Knowhere:

It is an Instrumental piece, essentially based on distinctive electric piano chords that can last a long time and, in the first half unleash a relaxed blues with the indulgent Pink Floyd guitar. The second part is more decisive where there is finally a soaring part with occasional 7/4 interjections and jazz atmospheres, to which a guitars duel between Alessio Secondi Morelli witha tony Iommi style, and Favio Gonnellini, influenced by Allan Holdsowrth.

4. Female Revenge:

Dark Metal at its finest. A little '80s Metal-oriented. Its lyrics symbolize the journey into the soul of the feminine side, thus rejected by masculine contemporary society.

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