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Track By Tracks: Faith & Scars - Revolver (2020)

While most of ‘Revolver’ is unreleased, we would love to take this opportunity to expand on the ideas behind our first 2 singles, available on YouTube

4. Breathe:

In a time where the world seems so divided, ‘Breathe’ is a song meant to create hope for anyone who is struggling. We want everyone to know that they are not alone in the trials they face. We hope that we can lead by example and show that even when life brings you to your lowest point, you can still rise up and live a life worth leading.

5. No Apologies:

This song is about confidence, strength, & courage. Whether you’re wrestling with self-worth, bullying, depression, discrimination, addiction, trauma, or abuse, this song was written for you.

We want people to realize that strength comes from within. It’s not about being the biggest, or the strongest in the fight. Strength comes in many forms. Oftentimes more than not, strength is showcased with heart. Whether you’re physically standing up for yourself, or simply asking for help; it takes a great deal of strength to keep up the fight & overcome.

“No Apologies” offers a message of the initiative. Sometimes it takes standing up to the trials that life throws at you. No matter where you are in life, everybody has felt like they need to scream out and throw their hands up to be free. We offer this song as a means to do so.

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