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Track By Tracks: THE STRIDERS - Out Of The Blues (2020)

Out Of The Blues:

The Striders debut record. This four-piece band delivers a great mix of hard bluesrock, catchy guitar riffs and song melodies and a large portion of dramatic and dynamic music. If you love Led Zeppelin, The Who, Slade, Rival Sons and so on, this is the record for you. You can for sure here the inspiration but their songs still have their unique and fresh sound. You never get bored listening to this record as the songs just keep on growing on you. We are proud to present to you from Jönköping Sweden….The Striders.


1. Closer To The sun:

A heavy rocker with a hard driven guitar riff and a steady beat that just keep beating on like a run away train. Be careful for what you wish for, you might get it.

2. Whole lotta lovin:

A grooving song that just hits you at the opening riff. It keep on delivering this groove during the whole song where each instrument is melted together in a harmonised riff and the vocals follows as the glue in the middle. Really good slide work from the guitar where it shines during the solos. Give as much love to the world as you can.

3. Bag full of bones:

With its creepy sound, this song gets under your skin. Great dynamics going from down scaled sound with the bass and vocals in the front to full scale energy in the end.

4. Standing on top:

The Who meets Journey. With such energy mixed with a power pop chorus you get their most ”radio hit”. Starts off with a soft feeling but to then just explode. Here is where the vocals really comes through and the band shows their strong abilities in writing catchy vocal melodies. Be sure to listen carefully to the lyrics, where you will follow a strong story about a man that looks back on his life wishing things turned out differently. Dandelion - Here they turn down the intensity and let you be swept away with that soft feeling from just an acoustic guitar and vocals. You are still here, even after you went away.

5. Rock´n roll star:

Just a party rocker with some good old fashioned rock´n roll. You get some AC/DC stomp mixed with some Keith Moon drums. It´s not as easy and glamorous as you could think to be a rock´n roll star. Move On - Also a heavy rocker with it´s hooky riffs, strong vocals and pure intensity. One of the strongest tracks on the album. With a tight and heavy riff, screaming vocals, strong dynamics it leaves you in a stage of wanting more. If it doesn’t work, don’t be scared to just break it up and … Move on.

6. Supernatural:

Such a head banging, foot stomping beat. You just can’t stand still. Again a strong riff mixed with powerful vocals. Sometimes you just feel Supernatural, this tune for sure helps you boost that feeling. Addicted - Starts of with a guitar melody that sets the signature of the song. A tune with mid tempo groove and strong vocals. When the chorus kicks in the signature guitar melody is covered with a sing-along-chorus that fits so well together.

7. Hell hound blues:

This little tune closes the album. And what a closing tune. It clocks at 6.23 and what do you get. A melting pot of sweet guitar harmonies, vocals right in your face, dramatic arrangements and an explosive finale. Also here the lyrics bring a well told story. Be sure to use your time well, while you´re still here.

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