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Band Biographies: Shapeless In Veins

Shapeless In Veins is a Melodic Hardcore band, born in Rome in 2016, with Pierpaolo (Guitar), Enrico (Drums), Mark (Bass), Jacopo (Guitar, Clean Vocals), Eliano (Scream Vocals).

The five start jamming together with good regularity, writing lots of material already since the first months, playing a lot of shows in their hometown.

Their first release “I Could Be Stronger, but...” was out in 2018.

Then Shapeless In Veins took a break from 2018 to 2020 to writing new stuff so in 2020 their secondo release: “Hope You’re Happy” with an official Videoclip (out via SpaceUntravel YouTubeChannel). They planning our Debut EP as soon as possible.

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