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Band Biographies: Undertaker Of The Damned

The beginning of undertaker of the damned appears in the year 1991, in La Serena, Chile. But firstly named as Dissection (CHL). Always with the blasphemy running deep in the veins, spreading hate for about 20 years. The first era of the band's history is marked by the mythical demo "Way to Reincarnation", and by the change of the name to Undertaker of the damned. Many shows had a good acceptance among the headbangers from Chile.

Back in 1999 it is recorded the EP, "The Infernal Chapter" in the H.I.T studios. After releasing the album there was an abrupt break in the band, due to work issues "Antichristian" leaves the band, and the drummer is excluded. It is when Hammering joins in the drums and Impious seed takes the control in the bass guitar.

In silent then the band works in the new album "The falling of the parody of misery" which was self released in 2005. This was a devastating hit in the Metal career. This album showed the fierce of the diabolical sound and the brutality of the band. As a consequence to all this many tours appear, and Undertaker of the damned starts sharing stages with bands like; Defacing(ch) Atomic Agressor(ch),belial(ch),Totten korps(ch),apostasy,Pandemia,Dark Funeral (swe),Luciferian (col), Funeratus(br), Pentagram(ch), Trimegisto(ch),Underctoft (ch),Social shit (Arg), Ancient (Nor) Lobotomy (Arg),Nuclear (ch),magnanimus,sadism, torturer,etc.

In 2006 joins Arkmar in the drums. and the band began to work in their Newest album recorded in 2009 "Lord of the extreme mockery" that will be released in May, 2011 under Australis records.

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