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Behind The Tracks: Foxhaunt - Open Water (2020)

'Open Water' is a reference to realising you've made a mistake and what you do as an individual to make up for that. Specifically in relationships, the need for getting a person you love back in your life back can act as a 'whistle stuck in your head' as mentioned in the chorus.

The guitars really drove the core emotion with this track, this filtered through into how the vocals were written too. We wanted to keep the anthemic vibe throughout the song which was really key in our approach, you never experience a dull moment - which is perfect when performing this song live.

When we went into production with Robin Adams, the chorus was one we saw as potentially the strongest we'd written. It was really important that this came across on record, with his help we walked away with something we're really proud and passionate about, we hope this resonates with our listeners."

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