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Behind The Tracks: WALL - Endless Repetition (Single) (2020)

The song kicks off with "Blind to the catalyst that lurks in the ice" which references the carbon dioxide trapped within the ice that has started to melt. Wail, being a cultist organization claims that this is one of their big weapons in wiping out all life to start a clean slate containing a select few who accept their truth.

This leads us to what the song is really about: Insemination, in endless repetition

"The burden on your shoulders, is quite a heavy load, we have the remedy to purify your soul. Needless to say whats demanded of you, ascend you to greatness indulge in our truth"

The chorus consists of two different sets of lyrics. Where the lead vocals of the singer is focusing on the more practical aspect and proclaiming how exceptional the offspring will be, the choir is approaching it from a different perspective with a more feely, loving way, promoting it as something harmless and cozy.

"Become a progenitor for the future of the flesh, your lustful collaboration, recipe success! Receive this great honor straight into the womb, tend the seed, watch it grow, soon enough will bloom"

At this point it's getting clear that the purpose is to raise enlightened children prepared for the future as the clear wording in "

Now carry the offspring, strengthen our kind, put on a smile, spread em wide, let's sail across the sea".

As we head back into the chorus with "Insemination in endless repetition" it should start to get clear that this song is a kick in the gut to sadistic animal breeding and factory farming wrapped in next level sleaze rock lyrics and a bangin hard rock tune!

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