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Track By Tracks: ANONYMUS - La Bestia (2020)

1. Bajo presión:

Which means; Under Pressure. Sometimes doing things under pressure, makes you go one step forward and ten steps back! But as a band we work pretty well when we have deadlines to respect, otherwise, we take our time and it’s not a good thing for us. So when we have the pressure to finish things, that’s when we are more productive. We need that little push on our backs.

2. Bicho Loco:

A song about a virus, a cancer, a disease, something that eats you from inside, that comes and goes without warning. You don’t want that thing in your life, but no matter what, it’s there and you have to live and deal with it. This resonates with what is definitely occurring worldwide as of this moment.

3. Sobrevivir:

This is simply about everyday life. Nothing is easy in the modern world. Each one of us has to work very hard to get where he wants to. It’s a constant fight to get where you want. As simple as that. We can easily apply this song to our world’s survival in many ways

“It's so hard to survive
In this world without suffering
Where is the future
We can only survive”

But mainly it is a love and hate song about life.

4. Violencia versus violence:

History repeats itself. Over the years, humans have and will always do the same mistakes. We don’t seem to understand that violence does not repair anything. However, we live in a world that is more and more violent every day. And it’s becoming normal that's the worst of it. How the world is managed by politicians and who’s got the biggest guns. With politicians selling weapons to make the best possible deal, violence is everywhere around the world. It’s a worldwide problem. This is why we chose to invite singers Maldos from Lethal Creation of Mexico and Arno from Black Bomb A from France.

5. La Bestia:

This song is about a real story that happened here. A father lost his mind over jealousy and killed his two kids for revenge. A very very sad story, and still the father says he is not criminally responsible has he declared not remembering anything of it. He became the beast while doing this irreversible act of violence. The whole story had quite an impact on the population who were outraged with the verdict.

6. Máquinas:

This one is inspired by all the movies that we saw over the years that related to the machines that are taking over humans. We are not very far away from that, except that it’s not happening in the way that we thought. I mean who can live now without is iPhone or Ipad. Living without the internet and Google, YouTube, Facebook. Ok maybe it’s not like the movies in which humans were attacked by malefic robots, but It’s a different attack and we are losing the battle.

7. Cada loco con su team:

This one started with the title. We had the music done and we didn’t know what to talk about. My brother Dan came with the title and after with the lyrics. It’s about the fact that everyone one of us is just a little bit crazy in his own way.

8. Tierra:

The long journey of immigrants coming from abroad, having a difficult choice to make with leaving family behind, and confronting the unknown. The songs resonate strongly within the band as initially. When Marco Calliari was in the band we were all sons of immigrants or even immigrants. Carlos Araya: Chilean born drummer, Oscar and Dan Souto sons of Spanish immigrants and Marco Calliari son of Italian parents.

9. Terremoto:

Sometimes you find inspiration in the writing with a strong word, not only the meaning of a word sometimes also simply the resonance of the letters together. In this case, the title inspired the lyrics: Terremoto means earthquake but also has different meanings among others and in our case: Restless person, or someone who moves a lot.

“A mi me llaman el terremoto, Porque yo soy muy peligroso Puedo ser muy devastador, El epicentro del terror”

translated becomes: “They call me the Earthquake, because I’m so dangerous, I can be very devastating, The epicenter of terror ”

Daniel Souto wrote this one. He had in mind a big guy, kind of cartoonish character, who is not very bright and deals with his problems just by knocking people’s heads off, without thinking of the damage he can cause. It’s also someone who doesn’t control his force, so he can provoke a lot of pain and misery all around him without noticing anything. It’s a comparison between an earthquake and a man who deals with his problems like a raging bull! It can be pretty fast but it can be devastating for a long time. Sometimes people can’t verbalize a discussion because they’re raging inside, so they become this earthquake of a raging man and their only way is to shake things up because they don’t know otherwise.

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