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Track By Tracks: BADGUYSWIN - Cowards (2020)

1. Like A Sailor:

Misleading intro, steady driving rock song with ambient Outro. About a person with a secret.

2. Low Lifer:

Palindrome song structure. Lots of fast thumping tom action. Staccato guitar licks. Failing at bettering yourself in spite of trying.

3. Honey Bucket:

Southern shuffle beat. Spanish style riffs within a bluesy feel. Highs and lows of an addiction.

5. Between Hook And Hole:

Marching tempo, ethereal leads, big anthemic chorus. Desperate actions for desperate measures.

6. Fly On The Wall:

Hardcore punk riff to start. Poly rhythm bridge and old-timey lead ending. Finally understanding someone’s true personality.

7. Coal:

Percussive and heavy. Sing along chorus. Working hard for something and achieving nothing.

8. August 8th:

Melodramatic ballad. Tracing all your problems to a specific origin.

9. Needle Beach:

Southern swing driven by the bass and kick drum. A common place to indulge and wallow.

10. Legends Of The Wheel:

Fast tempo punk feel. Incompetent people getting a pass.

11. Under It All:

Dynamic hook oriented slow burner. Accepting what you have lost.

12. Central:

Heavy and in your face. Pinnacle outro. An Exclamation! mark on the end of the album. Embracing and justifying living a cowardly lifestyle.

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