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Track By Tracks: PECULIAR THREE - Leap Of Faith (2020)

1. Perpetual:

This song is about seeing the circles occurring to your existence, embracing them as something non-avoidable and live in them acknowledging your efforts to break them.

2. Innermost:

This song is about the weak hearted who deserve a second chance to shine. 3. Inkblot: this song is about over thinking and overstressed in one’s own everyday life’s routine which can lead to madness, while the peace of mind is just in hand’s reach.

4. Marginal:

This song is about self loathing and trying to get rid of it.

5. Leap of Faith:

This song is about an ancient god that wakes after a long sleep and wants to reclaim what is owned.

6. The Sentient:

This song is about an AI wondering about self consciousness.

7. Knaves o’ Knives:

This song is about an old prophecy coming to its fulfillment.

8. Caliban’s End:

This song is about Caliban, a W. Shakespeare’s character from the play “The Tempest” and it’s our interpretation on his storyline’s end.

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