Band Biographies: GATECLOSER - Breathing The Core


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miércoles, 8 de julio de 2020

Band Biographies: GATECLOSER

In August 2016, three musicians passionate about Metal, find themselves in a garage between the desolate lands of Italy, in Ravenna/Forlì area, with the aim of personifying an entity that represents the time.

Then, They begin to search for a fourth 'column' and lover of Metal; that's how they know the fourth element, which they immediately accept enthusiastically from their project. With his entry they decide to start a new writing, turning towards an alternative metal influenced by power and trash, considered the most suitable for their personalities and the various musical tastes that unite them.
This is how I Gatecloser was born on 2 September 2016.

In the last months They shared the stage with bands like Atroci, Chronosfear, Alestorm, Skalmold, Secret Sphere, Kiko Loureiro taking their music in many different places.

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