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Band Biographies: MYNSKH

MYNSKH is a music project created in 2014 by guitarist and creative mind S.A.. Now, the project rises from its European shores to unleash upon mankind the first album, Chapter 01: Obliterating Perfection.

Rooted in dark, heavy, and aggressive music, MYNSKH incorporates influential styles from classical music to ambient sounds and beyond. Walls of guitars melting with distorted cellos. Pounding drums and percussions collide with disturbing samples. Hymnic vocals pierce through venomous screams.

Interwoven with the music is a story set in a bizarre universe that has its own laws and nature, in which we follow a civilization achieving the state of absolute perfection trailed by its downfall into the darkest forms of madness and insanity. As the story imagines such an alternate reality, it synonymously reflects upon our human existence, the development of consciousness, soul and life itself.

MYNSKH was conceived as a trilogy, where every album represents a chapter of the story. Each chapter explores new sounds and elements to create a dynamic, versatile yet highly conceptual music experience.

To be able to realize this vision, MYNSKH is working with a lot of guest musicians/artists, like Florian Magnus Maier, Matthias Bartolomey, Safa Heraghi, Tania Saedi, to name a few.

Join us on our journey and welcome to the world of MYNSKH!

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