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Band Biographies: Slit Your Gods

SLIT YOUR GODS is a studio Project that was created in the beginning of 2019 by members of different bands, between Spain and Russia.
The band is composed by:

Santi Gzlez: Guitars (Sad Eyes)
Rod: Guitars (ArthropodalHumanicide, Putreseminal Viscosity)
Oskar: Bass (ArthropodalHumanicide, Scrumptious Putrescence)
Jordi: Vocals (Avgrunn)
Roman:Drums (Byonoise Generator, Esophageal)

This projectwas formed through a conversation in a social network and immediately the members started to work very hard. The idea was to create a studio band because Roman was in Russia and the rest of the members were in different cities in Spain, so they had to work at home studio.

The band was created by principal influence of 90´s brutal death metal by way ofold Cryptopsy but blasphemous and antichristian point of view. The songs tend to have upbeat rhythms, technical parts, and putrid structures joined with fast blast beats and infernal voices.

SLIT YOUR GODS first EP “Dogmatic Convictions of Human Decrepitude” will be edited by Comatose Music on 09/11/2020

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