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Band Biorgaphies: Unsilent

Formed at the end of 2004 by Alvaro U (Guitar) and Amninvs (Ex Kytrhone) (bass) former members of the band "In Nomine", to which would be added Gulzar (drums) and Agathos (guitars and vocals) (Unblessed, Zerotech). Already with this lineup the band enters to record a rehearsal of 4 songs at the end of 2004. Due to the departure of some of its members and other musical projects Unsilent would enter a lethargy until 2008 date in which Alvaro decided to retake the band, but this time as a solo project. Already at the end of 2008 the band would record its first long duration "The Return of Sin" with which it manages to perform the characteristic sound of Unsilent, which would once again see the light in its 2009 EP "The Black Sessions". With these two works already done, UNSILENT would begin to work and edit its second full length this time under the label of Australis Records, entitled "Black Spells Sessions".

Subsequent to the release of this new album, Alvaro, its only member, begins to form part of other musical projects (Toxem, Postumo Lumbre and One Mans Hell), with which Unsilent would enter a recess until 2012, the year in which Francisco would join the drums being able to record a demo in 2014 with two songs as an announcement that UNSILENT is back, already in 2018 he would join as a stable member of the band Cristian with whom they released a new EP, "Endless Joruney", the which would give rise to the recordings of his latest full length "Obscure & Profane" that would again be released by Australis Records in 2020.

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