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Behind The Tracks: Novarium - Virus (Single) (2020)

Jen: Originally when storyboarding the music video for Virus, we wanted to show everyone that we are back, as the band has been on hiatus for a bit. Normally on stage we wear a lot of dark, gothic clothing, so we thought it would be fun to show some members of the band in ‘regular’ clothes first. In the video I play a goddess-like character from the underworld. One by one, I appear to various members of the band after they have died, and crossed over to the other side. Eventually they are led to a place where they are injected with a substance, transforming them into their dark, gothic selves. At the end the band is ready to perform and it’s clear that Novarium is back. So far the video has received great reviews and I’m glad people have been watching.

Dean: The track had been around for quite some time, but after some member changes we decided to fine tune it. We knew we wanted to revamp our direction, and this is the one that set that in motion. Coming out of the gate, we knew we had to have stellar production and film quality to reintroduce ourselves. The deaths of the band members in this video is symbolic. It goes way beyond just storyboarding hypothetical deaths for shock value. The band was on hiatus for long that we’d almost fallen to the wayside. Jen’s character wakes us up individually, and symbolically breathes new life into the band as a whole. Our keyboardist, Micah, hadn’t officially joined when we filmed, but having already replaced two members and adding him, the band is reinvigorated. The video says, “we’re back”.

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