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Track By Tracks: Absens - Martyr Part I: Ignite (2020)


Ablaze is the contextualization of the universe behind the Martyr saga. The mill and industrial aesthetic are presented as key elements of this plot that opposes two sides, depicted in two characters with different points of view. One of the sides is dominating, subduing the other as slave labor with coercion tools. Ablaze is also a musical synthesis of what is proposed by Martyr saga, with brutal and progressive riffs and melodic and memorable choruses, all of that magnified by epic orchestral arrangements.


A Beam of Light is the first chapter of this story. After many years of exploitation, someone finally figured out a way of ending this domination cycle. His plan for this ideal is complex, has a high risk of not ending well and culminates on his own sacrifice. The mood of the song varies as the character gets lost in his thoughts of delirium, rage and hope. The hope of making the other side perceive and remember his pain.


The moment of starting the plan comes. The boldness of attempting to destroy the mill generates turmoil and riots. In managing the confusion, the two characters come across each other. One as a judge and executor, the other as an offender. However, this is not the only relationship between them. Throughout a crime only punishable with death, we follow Abrasive / Corrosive as it depicts the destruction of the mill and a death finally felt by its executor.


Abeyance carries us to an abstract and introspective world, inside the mind of a charcater that only knew rage and violence. Coming across new feelings and sensations, which he doesn’t know how to deal with, a slow transformation starts to happen. In a moment that chaos and destruction seem suspended, Martyr Part I: Ignite ends in a softer and more ethereal tone.

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