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Track By Tracks: Hilltops Are For Dreamers - A Transition (2020)

For A SIDE: Hilltops Are For Dreamers

The Tide: Trying to deliver hope and positivity in these challenging times that we are all living, the song talks about the individual who is at the edge of a cliff-metaphorically or literally-and he/she is about to make the final decision. And here we come saying that's not the end, take the fate in your hands mate, be the guide and make things happen. Live the moment, enjoy the journey and tame the storm. All We Need: We will always have people in our lives that don't or won't believe in us. The song refers to that individuals who are putting their ego aside and are about to climb mountains not only for themselves but for these who never believed in them so they all benefit from something great, a good deed. And you know, at the end of the day, maybe all we need it's that sweet breeze in a warm summer night under the clear sky and we are gonna be fine.

B SIDE : Repent For Joy 

Withering Life: It depicts a dystopic future where cities have been abandoned due to climate change, pollution and multiple acts of war. The environment has been altered and polluted, the buildings are collapsing and the human empires are crumbling to dust . Technology is a long gone privilege and scientists are some kind of old forgotten souls, memorials of an age of prosperity. A lone survivor wanders around the ruins and ruminates about the actions that led to the fall of mankind, the human loneliness and the purpose of man as a creature, full of existential dread.

Under the Oath: It is a confession of the writer's feelings to a valuable person who was violently cut off his life. Words never said, pictures and events of a past life that meant so much, all the intentions and dreams that seem long gone. All due to a misunderstanding, a bad timing, an even worse inner strife. Every moment that meant something , with a purpose that cannot now be fulfilled. It is a last reminder not to "break the oath" that was taken to "never leave" , and a solemn invocation to sentiment.

The release date for this EP will be the 31st of July.

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