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Track By Tracks: Insight - Neura (2020)

1. Neura:

The track is called Neura as the EP, with this we wanted to show what you are going to hear instrumentally in the material, to introduce an innovative heavy metal, which we hope will not stray from the traditional line. The guitars and bass are in constant dialogue, many times we will hear how they make independent lines that together take on a meaning as a whole, with this we hope to represent the duality of the human being.

2. Tempestad:

Tempestad alludes to a depressive process with suicidal tendencies, tells us about how life itself becomes a sentence, time does not seem to exist and at times the head becomes a tangle of ideas and voices that are impossible to identify, this lyrics are written based on personal experiences. 

The music goes hand in hand with the lyrics, the counterpoint and the different voices that exist between the guitars will always represent a dissociation. 

3. Al despertar:

Al despertar tells us about the visit of a night demon. A demon can be seen from a fantastic point of view or seen as an emotion, sensation, trauma, ideas that cling to your head like a parasite, because your head works more than it should and the body needs rest, sleep paralysis and other phenomena occur. 

4. Hijos del miedo:

Hijos del miedo is a call to awakening our consciousness, or at least trying to find an individual awakening to later reach a collective awakening. 

It talks about how different powers in the world generate needs, needs that then sell it to us in comfortable cuotes, and in different formats, these distractions divert us from our human nature. We are all immersed in a reality that does not belong to us, a reality that they generated for us, to obey and fulfill. Stepping aside is very difficult because we are comfortable, we are domesticated. At least being conscious is the first step in making a change. 

5. Esté donde Esté:

This song is the account of the psychosis felt by a murderer

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