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Track By Tracks: WoR - Prisoners (2020)

1. Kill You:

Bobby: This was one of the songs I had to try out for when joining the band. This song is thrashy and in your face, just raw and I love it! Great way to start the album in my opinion.

Ben: Kill You is the first song on the album and it’s also the first song we ever wrote as a band. It shows how raw things were when we first started out but it’s fast, aggressive, and in your face. This song is sort of the foundation that everything after it rests on.

Phil: Hits you right in the face and then kicks you in the stomach for good measure

David: I couldn’t think of a better song to start the album than Kill You. It’s full of energy that’ll help kick start your day and make you want to work out or just get moving in general.

Hunter: Aggressive

2. Caged:

Bobby: Caged is one of those songs that is greatly structured and has a powerful message behind it. A must listen on the album!

Ben: Caged is heavy, groovy, and straight up violent. Just wait until you see what the music video has in store.

Phil: Disturbing. Creepy. Epic Scream

David: If anyone out there loves horror vibes in songs, Caged is a great example of horror mixed with some black metal influences and some metalcore. 

Hunter: It’s all about the Guitar Riffs in this song. Great Groove.

3. VI Kings:

Bobby: This was so fun to write. Another great song that is structured amazingly. Super melodic, classic riffs, and Davids solo is a perfect combination and you can’t forget about the nasty breakdown at the end!

Ben: This song shows off a bit of a different side of WoR. We incorporate some more melodic elements while still keeping it super groovy. Definitely, a very fun song to play live also.

Phil: Sonically Pleasing. Crushing guitars. Primal

David: I love playing this song the most cus of the title which makes me think of Vikings and it has this grand epicness throughout the whole song.

Hunter: Classic Metal Riffs with a Hint of Brutality.

4. Sirens:

Bobby: This song is a message within itself, the way the song starts will grab people’s attention and we actually have some clean vocals in this one to really zone in on the message. Probably one of the most grooviest songs on the album  
Ben: The grooviest song on the album for sure with a super deep message.

Phil: The music and the lyrics are tied very closely. Pay Attention.

David: I love the way how the song starts off with the lead that’ll make people want to sing along to and later on goes into this fast heavy groovy riff that’ll make people form the wall of death and go crazy

Hunter: Triplet Feel, Sections with space followed by a section full of a lot of notes. Nice contrast.

5. A Place to Die:

Bobby: This was another one I had to audition for when joining the band. We actually demoed this track out before recording it in the studio and I’m glad with how it turned out!

Ben: One of our slower songs, and structurally it's pretty straightforward and simple.

Phil: Grungy. Spacey. Triplets. My favorite song to play.

David: This is another favorite song of mine to play because it's hard and challenging to play live which I really love.

Hunter: Driving Power Groove

6. Predator:

Bobby: This song was a rollercoaster ride, almost didn’t make the album but ended up being our first single! Really catchy, super groovy, riffs are amazing. Most definitely a crowd favorite

Ben: An oddball of a song. We almost wrote the whole thing in the studio and kind of came up with it on the spot. Now it’s the first single on our new album. Funny how things turn out sometimes.

Phil: Relentless groovy riff-fest sets up a breakdown with epic harmonics

David: If you want a song that has a mix of heaviness, riding on your motorcycle, and being in a wrestling ring with your opponent this is the song.

Hunter: Driving Track with interesting sections.Great Songwriting.

7. T.G.S.O.A.T.

Bobby: This song was made by accident lol. Ben went to his homeland (Switzerland) and told us he wanted to come back home to some new material, so we wrote this song just for fun and it actually made it to the album. In your face, simple, raw, and easy to jam to. This one gets the blood pumping

Ben: 1 minute and 10 seconds of straight forward in your face metal. Phil: Simple but effective Rage.

David: Whoever says no band can write The Greatest Song Of All Time, well guess what we did and it sounds kick ass!

Hunter: Fist to the Face

8. Come Out and Play:

Bobby: Good ol offspring... gotta give the people some old school

Ben: When we were thinking of a song to potentially cover we wanted to pick something that wasn’t really metal and “WoR it up” or make it our own. Come Out and Play by the Offspring was perfect.

Phil: Punk meets Groove Metal and makes a beautiful love child

David: Even though this song is The Offspring cover, I love our cover version of this song because not only is it heavy but has that punk feel to it which I can tell the fans will go crazy and start moshing too.

Hunter: Definitely the most fun song to play live for myself. A cool cover that I am a big fan of.

9. Hiraeth:

Bobby: Greatly structured song, powerful lyrics, and drum fills! Hireath is more of a Rhythm type song and slightly melodic with a catchy chorus! They’ll never break us

Ben: Another somewhat melodic song that really gets its character from Bobby’s rhythmic vocal delivery.

Phil: Bobby really makes this song shine with his vocal delivery

David: Most of the time I love songs that have a slow part in the beginning and later on the song builds the tempo up.

Hunter: Complex arrangement, interesting parts.

10. Freedom Suicide:

Bobby: Phil F*kin Funderburk bass intro is absolutely amazing and starts the song off so well. We wrote this one for the boys and girls who fight for this country but in return get abandoned by their country once their service is complete. This is another groovy yet dark song that we decided to end the album in because of how powerful this song actually is.

Ben: A very deep song as far as the lyrical thematics go. The music on this one is very old school sounding in my opinion.

Phil: Epic build with a heavy message. Dark and powerful

David: Just like Hiraeth, I love how it has that slow apocalyptic intro and builds up with fast and heavy riffs that makes you want to headbang so hard.

Hunter: High Energy Aggression and Bombastic Breakdown.

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