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Band Biographies: Nocturnis

Nocturnis was founded in summer 2018 by singer Raphael Matzat, guitarist Lukas Wenzel, drummer Christian Burg and bassist Dirk Schoening. Already in the first rehearsals it became clear in which direction it should go musically. Guitarist Vincent Padrutt joined the band in April 2019 and the line-up was complete. The first concerts were played from September 2019, all of which were well attended. The appearance at the “Heretic Hordes” in Paderborn deserves special mention. Over the winter of 2019, the first EP "Aporia" was recorded on its own and mastered by Christoph Brandes at the Iguana Studios. This has been published on July 18, 2020.

Nocturnis, a term derived from the Latin, which means "night". The night, the dark and their hopelessness play a major role in the music of Nocturnis. The nearby Black Forest is also expressed through music. Large atmospheric riffs show the aesthetics of a night in the Black Forest, but the following overwhelming blast beat passages make it clear how merciless both the night and the Black Forest can be. All in all a symbolic picture of the Black Forest! Darkness and melancholy paired with atmosphere and brutality. Nocturnis are also convincing in their live performances, because they bring what their music represents on stage! Absolutely precise drumming as the enthroned cornerstone. A guitar wall that leaves no way out. A growling bass that brings announcement from impending disaster and a voice that freezes the blood in your veins.

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