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Band Biographies: Vesssna

Project Vesssna was started in 2016 by Marianna Lukianova (guitars, vocals) and Marina Scherba (keyboards). Before that both girls participated in Fright Night and Mea Vita bands. The music of Vesssna may be characterized as dark rock / gothic metal although they do not associate themselves with any particular style. Emotional female voice is complemented by thick guitar sound and intricate keyboard arrangements which make for a powerful and vivid music. The main subject of their art is the world of human emotion, dreams and aspirations. Irony and realism combines with subtle romantic and sometimes fairytale visions.

Vesssna released the debut EP “Улыбка Свободы»”/ “The Smile Of Freedom” with semi professional videos for each song in 2017. A year later the band presented the full-length album “Почти Святая” / “Just About Saintlike”. And a big step forward was creating epic and surrealistic videos for the songs “Вспомянувши меня, заплачешь” and “Почти Святая”.

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