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Behind The Artworks: Black Sun - Silent Enemy (2020)

To describe the artwork correctly, we must first state that it has two parts, the Album/Digisleeve Artwork, and the Film Poster. They were both developed under the same concept and style, but they aim for different purposes.

Because this was a concept album, which includes a musical short film, we wanted to create an artwork that would resemble the concept behind the whole thing. We needed to develop an artwork that would work to tell the story, to reflect the concept, and to show that this is not an ordinary Album.

The basis of the artwork was born from the movie script and the ambiance we wanted it to portray. There's evident 80's film influence, it borrows images from the movie, yet the artwork was digitally hand-drawn by the film director. This adds a little extra that gives it that classic/retro vibe and warmth, yet it portrays a fully loaded Action Movie Poster.

Once the movie was done editing, we put together the Film Poster and then adapted it to a Disgisleeve format by adding extra layers, lyrics, and credits.

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