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Behind The Tracks: The Inoculated Cannaries - Hypocrite (Single) (2020)

I had been watching copious amounts of reality television when out of nowhere I came up with the melody for the chorus section. I thought of the word “Hypocrite” firstly because it’s a powerful word and secondly because I couldn’t think of any other songs that used it. Instead of writing a paper that was due the next morning, I spent all night making a crummy demo in garageband.

We were just kind of sitting around one night, thinking about the storyboard for the music video and we tossed around the idea of creating different scenes of hypocrisy. Obviously, the first person we thought of to represent hypocrisy was a politician. Coincidentally, we happen to have a very good friend named Reid who looks exactly how you would expect a typical politician to look. We decided to cast him for the role immediately.

With this video, we really wanted to reinforce the idea that our generation has immense potential to change the world. The girl with the megaphone is supposed to be a voice of rebellion against a politician who has built his campaign on lies.

Fun fact: Brian, the keyboard player, doesn’t appear at all in the video except for the band scenes. We wanted to save him for the end when he pops up in the politician’s office ready to ask an important question. Also, he showed up 2 hours late to the shoot.

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