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Behind The Tracks: Jet Trash - So High (Single) (2020)

The vibe behind "So High" is a pretty simple one. More than anything else it stands as a testament to how well we vibe together as a band and group of guys. It was one of the few songs on this album that we wrote together in our rehearsal space as opposed to someone coming to the table with a mostly-completed idea.

Eric, our drummer, actually had the opening riff and as soon as he showed it to us a light bulb went on and we got to work. In another two minutes Keith, our lead guitarist, had come up with the stellar lead line you hear during the intro. And about 3 minutes after that we had the melody and a rough idea for words already worked out. When we get on a roll as a band, it's kind of crazy how fast things fall into place. And when it came time to pick a chorus refrain, the words "so high" just kind of jumped out and landed perfectly into the song.

While most would assume it points to illicit substances (and there may or may not be some truth to that), the deeper meaning is the "high" we all had as the tune came together. There's no better feeling than knowing you're working out a song that is going to be great in the end and this tune was no exception. It was pretty obvious when this one was finished that it was our favorite from the record.

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