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Track By Tracks: Diabhal - MMXX (2020)

1. Vermin Plague:

This is actually the second song written for the band. The goal was to set the atmosphere for the rest of the record with a hard-hitting and fast old school track in the vein of bands like Cannibal Corpse and Incantation, the lyrical content is as simple as the name.

2. Savage:

Savage was one of the first songs on the record to incorporate more Blackened and New York Death Metal elements. This track loosely follows the story of the film Wolf Creek.

3. Crawl:

This track is about being buried alive and digging yourself out and is loosely based on Kill Bill vol 2. The groove element is a lot stronger on this song than the others. With more of an emphasis on progressive and groove elements, this track stands out from the other songs on the album and was almost a stand-alone single.

4. Necromancer:

Necromancer is one of the fastest songs on the record, very sporadic drumming and a heavy emphasis on build-ups and unpredictable riffing is what makes this song what it is. lyrically it’s loosely based on the first Evil Dead movie.

5. Homicide:

This track is by far the fastest song on the album and one of the only times on the record that could be considered grind. it’s quick and gets the point across. The song itself is about homicide, again, as simple as the title. Specifically arson based homicide. 

6. Oblivion:

This track was written with old school death metal in mind. Lots of New York Death Metal influences in this one. The lyrical content loosely mirrors the Alien series of movies.

7. Bloodletting:

This track was made with a slightly more Latin feel, the groove element is brought back here with a heavy emphasis on transitions and build-ups. The last riff of the song is one of the slowest moments on the whole album. Small hints of blackened death metal appear near the end. The lyrics on this track are based off a killer who gets a thrill out of making his victims denounce their god only to drain their body of blood.

8. Famine:

This song is a no-frills brutal death metal song, one of the only tracks to really use the slam technique mixed with brooding blackened energy. Lyrically the song is first and foremost about a drought. It explores concepts like urophagia out of necessity and dehydration.

9. Neckbreaker:

Neckbreaker is the perfect split between the Black Metal and Old School Death metal atmospheres Diabhal encompasses. This Track incorporates very 2nd wave Black Metal elements all while pushing a very hard-hitting Death Metal atmosphere. The song itself is self-explanatory, it basically puts into words the feelings of a murderer while they are in the act of asphyxiation.

10. Omnificent:

This song was the last song that was recorded for the record. Stylistically it has more of a Grind and even a Thrashy sound at times. The lyrics are loosely based off the god complex and the damages it can cause.

11. Scalpel:

Scalpel was the first track written for Diabhal, the track has a lot of Thrash and Old School Death Metal influences. This track is used to pay homage to all horror-themed death metal, very minimal blackened influences or otherwise. The song is about the possibility of cutting into a live body during an autopsy.

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