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Track By Tracks: Incinerate - Sacrilegivm (2020)

The whole album is one large concept telling a story of how angels became jealous of humans, Lucifer falling for a mortal and being cast into hell, then fighting to get back at God and ultimately he and his legions destroying heaven in a great battle then feeling remorse over killing all of their brothers in heaven. 

1. Lux In Tenebris:

Creation of light, heavens, earth and of course angels and humans

2. Cast out and Condemned:

Angels showing disdain and Lucifer falling. God finds out and becomes enraged 

3. Trumpets of War:

Lucifer being banished from heaven and trying to rally his brothers against god. Starting the war to try and stay in heaven

4. Thrown to the Fire:

The Descent and creation of hell Holy Irreverence- Anger towards God and hells legions coming together to fight back.

5. Fallen is your Kingdom:

Demons are in full war in heaven and killing their brothers

6. Fleeting Opulence:

Hells legions have taken control of heaven and are feasting on the divine 

7. Inexorable:

Total overpower of heaven and desolation of everything God has stood for 

8. Absence of Divine Power:

As the tide of the war is lost, God escapes from heaven- a new battle over who will rule now that God has left

9. Cenotaph of Celestial Corpses:

Lucifer and his legions feel remorse over the death of their brothers and seek to find God for a final resolution.

10. A Lamentation to the Fallen:

Honoring the fallen brothers while surrounded by the destruction and fire

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