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Track By Tracks: Midgard - Tales Of Kreia (2020)

1. Necromancer:

A dark story about a renegade magician who performed bloody rituals, and as a result he became a prince of the dead, gathering his army of evil to wreak chaos, death and destruction.

2. Horde:

A song about how tribes and clans of orcs started a great continental war, intending to capture all the lands on the other side of the moon ridge. Velmehazerun

3. Dolian:

The story of the end of the Troydescan War, when the great guardian dragons buried the interstellar path under the rubble of rocks, and putting an end to the war with their "sign of terrifying power"

4. Ring:

A song about a wanderer who realizes his unity with the infinity of cycles of rebirth and death, and smoothly dissolving in the universal variety of the next temporary turnover. Because only such awareness allowed him not to lose his spirit personality

5. Dwarf King:

Is a story about a dwarven king named Kaeder who was just a great guy. And who, in spite of the ranks, could take off his crown and share the feast with ordinary workers and soldiers, sitting with them at the same table as an equal. And for that - he is honored and praised.

6. Keeper of Freedom:

This is about value substitution. When the hero has to become a criminal and rebel, because the concept of justice has been distorted. And he has to do good through evil in order to lead people out of the darkness of delusions.

7. The Reaper:

Here the story is told from the perspective of the spirit of war, which inspires the warriors to fearlessly fight in the coming battles and carry his will.

8. Elven Blade:

Elven Blade is a symbolic ballad in which the elven blade is a metaphor for a loyal protector and a devoted friend who, no matter what, will protect its owner until the last breath. A song about devotion, loyalty and self-sacrifice.

9. The Hunt:

The hunt is a song about violent games in which - six unarmed people are left in the depths of an ancient forest. They are watched by wizards through crystal balls. The task of players - is not to become the prey of predators and to survive.

10. Black Widow:

Black Widow is a story about an elusive assassin squad consisting of three dark elves. One of them turned out to be the escaped heir to the throne of Domhain. The detachment itself serves Zera, Kinaya and Arianola - the three moon Goddesses, the sisters of Zack, the Black God of Kreia.

11. Ice Spirit:

Is a song about a boy who managed to escape from a fire-engulfed bastion when the orcs attacked. He goes north, to the Snow Makrits, which grow from him a great warrior. But he realizes that he is a stranger, wherever he goes and whatever he does. But he continued his way into the unknown. Trying to find his purpose, or someone who can really understand him.

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