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Band Biographies: Gangrena

Gangrena is a Death Metal band that was born in San Carlos (8th region) at the end of 2004 with the original idea of Francisco Meriño, who wanted to materialize a 4-song project (Demo). In 2006, Meriño integrates 3 musicians, Victor Palavecino, Claudio Aguilera and Javier Larroucau, on drums, guitar and bass respectively, to complete the project.

In 2008, the band recorded their first LP called “PUTREFACCIÓN”, which was very well accepted by the public and media in the Region. Then the band recorded their first 2 promotional video clips of the songs: “Drag the corpse” and “Vomiting insects” with Patricio Valladares, renowned horror film director. That same year Javier Larroucau decides to take another path, leaving the band and passing Francisco Meriño to the performance of the Bass.

Between 2009 and 2011, the second LP "DE VUELTA AL TERROR" was composed, produced and recorded, which allowed the band to continue advancing and making several presentations in different locations.

During 2013 Gangrena needs to increase its sound, enhancing the guitars by recruiting Mauricio Asensio in rhythm guitar. After being well conformed with this new lineup, they immediately recorded their third promotional video clip called “Crisis de Pánico” from their second LP, which allowed them to reach bigger stages.

In 2014, they decided to compose and record their third LP, named "GANGRENA" with the same name. In this instance the band ceases to be independent and after several conversations and interests in common, it becomes part of the productions of the “Australis Records” label.
Since its second LP (2009), the recordings, productions, website, videos, photographs and art are self produced.

In 2016, Claudio Aguilera (First Guitar) decided to take another path, going on to execute this position Armando Soto. Also in 2016, the first 2 LPs were relaunched on a compilation CD that brings together the 26 songs from both albums, said album is in a Digipack A5 format released by Australis Records, this production bears the name of "10 YEARS OF PUTREFACTION”, which is also the way in which the first decade of the band's existence is celebrated. Actually the band released their new album Oscuro Tormento released under Australis Records.

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