Band Biographies: Invernoir

Invernoir is a project born from the desire to revive the doom sounds of the 90s taking inspiration from the best albums of bands such as My Dying Bride, Anathema, Novembre, Katatonia and Paradise lost. "Mourn" is the first EP of the band self-released in 2018 and on 9 October 2020 will be released the full-lenght "The void and the unbearable loss" via Funere and Badmoonman music (Solitude productions). The album has been recorded at Blue ocean recording studio in Rome by Lorenzo Carlini (guitar player and clean vocals of the band) and see also the collaboration (as a guest vocalist for one track and as a lyricist for 5 tracks) of Mr. Valerio Granieri from Rome in monochrome and Aurora Nowhere. 

Current line up:

Alessandro Sforza (guitar, harsh vocals, drum programming)
Lorenzo Carlini (guitar, clean vocals, drum programming and sound engineer)
Valerio Lippera (bass guitar) 

Past members:

Sami el kadi (vocals)
Luca Soldati (drums)

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