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Band Biographies: Shattered Hope

Shattered Hope's music can be described mainly as atmospheric doom/death - funeral doom metal. 

The band was formed in Athens in July 2002. After many line-up changes, it was finally settled in December 2003 that Shattered Hope would be a six member band. Thereafter, the band played its first gigs at many clubs and open festivals, performing their own tracks as well as covers of My Dying Bride, Paradise Lost, Saturnus etc. 

In June 2005 the first demo was released under the name ‘A View of Grief’ which included 6 songs. It received great reviews on magazines, fanzines and webzines. Moreover, the Greek edition of Metal Hammer rated it a 7,5/10. After that release the band played many live gigs for its promotion. 

In November 2006, there was a line-up change as Nontas (lead guitar) left the band and Sakis, who had been previously playing the keyboards, replaced him while a new member, Eugenia, became the new keyboardist of the band. Under that new line-up Shattered Hope recorded ‘Promo 2007’ that contains two tracks. Many performances followed for its promotion. 

In November 2007 another line-up change occurred as Pete (bass) left the band and Thanasis replaced him. More live performances in Greece and abroad followed, some of which along with well-known bands of the scene such as Saturnus, Mourning Beloveth, Ataraxie, Mar De Grises, Mourning Dawn, Ahab, Pagan Altar etc. 

Meanwhile the band was composing its debut album, which was finally recorded in December 2010 under the name “Absence”. It consisted of seven mournful stories. “Absence” was released by Solitude Productions, a remarkable and well-known doom label. A great co-operation with Lugga Music Productions and Adrian De Buitléar started for booking and promotional reasons. Shattered Hope promoted “Absence”, making a start with a support act to the godfathers of doom My Dying Bride, in January 2010- one of their most memorable shows. Also, the band participated in many great festivals such as Doom Shall Rise, Ghost Fest, Dublin Doom Day, Dutch Doom Days etc. in the years that followed. 

At the same time, the band had started composing its second album which was released in February 2014 by Solitude Productions. “Waters of Lethe” is a more funeral and extreme shape of Shattered Hope’s music, consisting of six dark and heavy songs. 

In February 2014, Shattered Hope became a five-member band, as Eugenia left the band. From that time on the band has been promoting its second album. 

And the story so goes… 


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