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Behind The Artworks: Brandy And The Butcher - Dick Circus (2020)

Our artwork and the LP title don't have a lot to do with each other. The Lp is named Dick Circus which came from one of the many rants Liz's serious stalker threw out once referring to the band and her dick circus. 

The stalking situation has caused Liz a lot of stress due to the guy's over the top mental issues and seeming unending energy he had available to pursue his stalking endeavors. Since most of the lyrics come from her real life experiences this one definitely represented something she was currently having to deal with and a song was soon written. 

Jason Kendall had done an excellent show flier for a 3 band gig we had last year that had a circus theme so we thought we'd hire him to do the record. He listened to rough mixes of the songs and came up with some sketches for us to pick from. 

The haunted sort of butcher idea along with the circus theme is what we ended up with. We're totally happy with the final product and the response to the LP art has been very positive so far. One thing I like about the art is that it can be interpreted in many ways.

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