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Behind The Tracks: Greg Owens & The Whiskey Weather - Love In The Rain (Single) (2020)

“Love In the Rain” was written during a songwriting challenge put on by Nashville Singer-songwriter Sarah Spencer, called Five in Five. You write five songs in five days. She provides a writing prompt each morning and the idea is to write quick and not edit yourself too much. I believe the prompt for this one was a list of ten words and you had to use five of those words. I can’t quite remember what all the words were but I’m sure “rain” was one of them. For whatever reason, the words for that day conjured up a scene in my head of a couple working in the yard on a hot day, then taking advantage of a cooling rain to go have some fun behind the cane. It’s a little cheesey, maybe even absurd, but love can have that effect on people. Looking back on writing the song now, I wonder if I was trying to write an ode to those young adult romance movies I was probably watching in the late 90s and early 2000s. The whole idea of making love in the rain just seemed like something that’d happen in those films. Isn’t there a scene in the Notebook that’s similar? Anyways, this is the image that day’s prompt seemed to conjure up for me.

I had initially thought of the song as more of a pop country thing. In fact, I never really intended on recording it because of this reason. I just didn’t think it was a “Greg Owens and the Whiskey Weather song”. However, I played it fairly regularly on my weekly FaceBook Live and fans seemed to really like it. So, I figured if they liked it, I should probably record it and put it out!

When it came time to record, my producer had a different vision for the song. He thought it needed a 90s rock feel. As someone who grew up in the 90s and loved that music, I was totally in for this! Taking the song in this direction really changed the way I felt about it. It’s one of my favorite songs I’ve recorded thus far! Ultimately, “Love In the Rain” is a light-hearted pop rock song, and I hope it can provide a little light for some folks in a world that seems pretty dark these days.

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