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Track By Tracks: Entorx - Faceless Insanity (2020)

1. Overture: Condemnation:

"Overture: Condemnation“ picks up on the lyrical and musical concept of the following track: „Black Dawn“. This is underlined by synthesizer keyboards, played by our former drummer Simon Hauck. Fitting to it there are some samples of Trump, Obama and some confessions of some CIA guys on the topic of Guantanamo Bay. 

2. Black Dawn:

"Black Dawn“ is a very brute song with some Black Metal influence. Hammering blastbeats and shredding guitars are more than present. The song is aggressive and full of energy, but also diversified and has some moments of surprise. The song is about the catastrophic circumstances of the prison of Guantanamo Bay. The brutal torture and bad circumstances are described from the point of view of an inmate. 

3. Hypocritical Faith:

"Hypocritical Faith“ is an oriental appealing song that is carried by its melodic parts. Underlined by driving forward riffs and diversified vocals. It reaches from growls to clean vocals. The drumming is also very brute in this song. Also, we have a very cool break in there. The topic of the song is about holy wars and how religious laws are abused by radicals to recruit new soldiers and we pillorize that. 

4. PTSD:

Short for „Posttraumatic stress disorder“. The name says everything. The song is about the effect of this disorder through the example of a veteran of war. He is haunted by his memories and not capable of facing his everyday life. Therefore the instruments are hectic and have some brutal riffs. Also here we have a unique clean vocal part. 

5. Isolation:

Bogdan wrote this instrumental song while the recordings. He thought, that „PTSD“ and „Madness Unchained“ are musically relative. He wanted to create a a bridge between these songs. He used intentionally only the guitar and dispensed with samples or other instruments. The song is very calm and relaxing in an uncomfortable way. 

6. Madness Unchained:

"Madness Unchained“ is a real exchange of emotions. The song starts in a Black Metal manner with triplet drums and blast beats. It moves to some groovy parts and then holds on again to the entrance theme. There are some surprises in groove, clean, and atmospheric parts. The topic of the song is about mental disorders in general. It is described how a mental disorder (or a parasite) can come over your body and manifests there. This leads to the total control of your everyday life. The nasty thing about this is, that this can happen to everyone. May through trauma or it starts at birth. 

7. Paranoid Conspiracy:

"Paranoid Conspiracy“ has a fixed spot in our setlist for years. And that for good reasons. It is a very nice „Wall of Death“ song. A song, that hits the audience hard and forces them into the moshpit. The topic is about paranoia in general and how it can disturb your life. The protagonist soon searches a conspiracy behind everyone and everything. He doesn't feel safe anywhere and is haunted by his shadows. He does not know if everything is real or a dream.

8. Morbid Rage:

Do you know that feeling? If there is that one person, you wish he had a plague? His death cannot be cruel enough right? Well, those were the thoughts that inspired René for writing the lyrics of this song. Parts of the lyrics were already written by Bogdan. The song appeals disturbing and gruesome from the beginning, but you can feel the pleasure of the deed. A very chilling happy reggae part with clean vocals fits the confusion perfectly. Mad, brutal, gruesome, such as Death Metal should be. 

9. Doomed:

"Doomed“ is a very special song, even for „ENTORX“. We are moving obviously inside of Doom Metal and also Sludge. We have slow and dull guitar riffs. The whole thing improves and intensifies through the song. The atmosphere is pushing forward and lets the song appeal more and more extreme. In the end, we have a Black Metal part with many high pitched screams. The topic is about schizophrenia. The protagonist is 100% aware of his disorder and calls it his inner demon. He wants to get rid of it, so he has to bury his demon. Which means he has to bury himself. He has neither fear nor any regrets. He has accepted his fate as the only way out. 

10. Death Machine:

Groovy, even more groovy, „Death Machine“. The name says everything. This song has already been released on the EP „Theta Waves“ and is a real crowd favorite. Catchy melody an groovy rhythms will be in our minds for quite a while. Earwig guaranteed. It has everything you can wish for a modern Death Metal song. We would not be „ENTORX“ if we would put this song as it was on the album. We have added some surprises.

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