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Band Biographies: Mars Addict

"The Brazilian Punk Rock / Bubblegum band MARS ADDICT was formed in January 2018 by Daniel Capanga and Drix Barsali on guitar and vocal, Rolf Amaro on bass and Rodrigo Araújo on drums. The influences are big names of Punk Rock, like RAMONES, RANCID, GREEN DAY, INOCENTES, FLICTS and the melody of bands from the origin of Rock'n'Roll, like BEATLES and ROLLING STONES. Drix moved to Italy but is still in the band as a songwriter. Mars Addict became a five piece when Hebert O'liveira took over the lead guitar. The band released its first album Lamecoaster in April 2020. The album has had a positive reception in Brazil, Argentina, Chile, Spain, Serbia and Australia, with wide coverage in the press positive reviews and radio plays. In order to celebrate it, the band will release UNPLUGGED NOISE, an EP, in October 30th 2020. I'm Not Ok and the title track Lamecoaster got and acoustic approach and it highlights in both cases the strength of the melody, one of the main characteristics of the Mars Addict first album."

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