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Band Biographies: Vermocracy

Formed in 2017 by Andreas Huber and Roman Kolesnik, the band completed their lineup with Michael Frick (ex-Horns of Hattin, ex-Theotoxin) on vocals, Morgane Rake (ex-Black Coven) on guitars and Hannes Sandrini (Obsidian Chamber, Candles and Wraths, ex-Horns of Hattin) on bass. 

In 2018 Vermocracy started to perform live in and around Vienna - supporting, amongst others, bands like Infest, Helgrind and Nervcell and performing at the STP Metal Weekend 2019. 

In September 2020 Vermocracy‘s self-titled album was digitally released on Google play music, Apple iTunes and Spotify. A physical release will follow in autumn 2020. The album was recorded at the Consequent Audio Studio and mixed by Norbert Leitner. 

The artwork was done by Armin Stocker. 


Michael Frick – vocals
Andreas Huber – guitars
Morgane Rake – guitars
Hannes Sandrini – bass
Roman Kolesnik – drums

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