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Track By Tracks: Chaoseum - Second Life (2020)


This album introduction has been composed in such a way that the audience feels a sense of fear. The goal was to really give a "Dark" and "creepy" atmosphere from the first seconds of listening to the album. 

2.Hell Has No Way Out:

When we started to compose Hell Has No Way Out, we had in mind to make the most powerful song of this album with fast passages and slower ones and very melodious choruses.We also wanted to make a little reminder of our first album "First Step To Hell". 

3.Second Life: 

Second life is my favorite song. It's about a father who cuts his daughter's face and replaces it with another girl's face so that she can keep on living... This song has a very metalcore side as well as a melodious part with guitar solos and lyrical vocals.During the composition we really wanted something powerful and very aggressive. 

4.Into My Split:
Into My Split is the first single we released to present our future album.This track is about a split personality and the war inside the brain of a guy, who finally has to make a crucial choice. We shot a music video for this song in a castle in France. I remember that we finished at 2am in the cellar of the castle with candles everywhere and a Ouija board ^^.It was really worthy of a horror movie... 

5.Smile Again: 

Smile Again is a song that is the closest to Nu Metal and what CK Smile and I listen to.We wanted to create a song with a lot of groove but at the same time very powerful and heavy. This song is about a crazy man who keeps smiling despite his madness. 


Scream was for me the most complicated song to write. I wanted to make a very complex song with a lot of different parts, but in the end I preferred to simplify the song so that it would be easy to listen to and above all catchy.We also wanted to include more "electro" passages and CK Smile also played the cello in order to bring some new atmospheres.This song was really created to jump during shows.
7.Stick Under My Skin:
The composition of Stick Under My Skin was something that really needed to get out of me. I had this melody in my head and I absolutely had to do something with it! For the instrumental part I tried a lot of news effects, plug in, samples and I really spent nights composing some parts.When the first version was finished, we still wanted to add ambiences,acoustic guitar and especially a catchy vocal line to make this song unique. We shot a pretty special music video for this one. We wanted to make a scary horror movie related to the lyrics. 

8.Burn My Eyes: 

Burn My Eyes is one of my favorite songs from this album.The composition of this one was really amazing... The structure was finished, but I rewrote most of the riffs because I wasn't satisfied. I wanted a music with punch and short enough to be played on the radios. We wanted to do something melodic with some arpeggio parts and a solo with 2 guitars with Val and I. Greg composed some drum parts that I really love, because they're really there to kick your ass. The music was already called Burn My Eyes before he had lyrics on it and the next day CK Smile composed the lyrics and the vocal line in relation to the name I had given to the music. 

Feel has a story that I really appreciate and it was Valery who wrote the lyrics for this song. It's the story of a dead man who spends his nights next to his widow all alone in his bed. For this piece I think it's the music we wrote the fastest. It all started with a sample and it ended with a complete music with riffs that look like some passages from Trivium or the bridge that really makes me think of Pantera ^^. This music is perfect for the shows because we can make the audience sing and it's really incredible.
10.Sex In HEL.L: 

Sex In HEL.L talks about rape and how the victim imagines the thoughts of the rapist.For this song we were lucky that Julian Barrett (Tarja,Asspera) recorded a really incredible solo. We met Julian during our tour in Russia with Tarja in 2019 and we kept very good contact with him/them. 


Frozen is the story of a guy who worked all his life to raise money to pay for cryogenics and wonders if in his next life he will do the same, because in the end he doesn't know if he is enjoying life. While composing this music, we have changed the structure of this song several times to make it heavier.We wanted to give a real tribal side to the song by adding war drums and some passages in Mongolian throat singing.

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